Instructions for Making Tulle Roses

Updated April 17, 2017

Roses made from tulle, a slightly stiff netted material, are a feminine, sometimes romantic, adornment you can use for a number of different projects. Make your own tulle roses as part of a bouquet, centrepiece or hair accessory. You don't need to be an expert at crafting or sewing to make these delicate embellishments in just a few minutes. You just need a few inexpensive supplies from the craft store.

Fold a 3-by-11-inch piece of tulle in half lengthwise. Crease the fold with your hand.

Sew a running stitch along the folded edge of the tulle with needle and thread. A running stitch is a simple back-and-forth stitch, with each stitch being approximately 1/4 inch in length. Leave a tail of thread a couple inches long when you finish stitching down the whole length of the tulle.

Tie the end of the tulle without the tail of thread in a knot. Pull the tail of thread to gather the tulle, winding the gathered tulle around the knot as you do. Keep gathering and winding until the entire length of tulle is wound. This forms your rose.

Sew a few stitches on the bottom of the rose to hold all the coiled layers together. Attach the rose to a piece of felt using a low-temperature hot glue gun to hide the stitches on the bottom of the flower. Trim the felt close to the rose so it doesn't show when you look down at the flower.

Things You'll Need

  • Felt that matches tulle
  • Low-temperature hot glue gun
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