How to get rid of hamster mites

Updated February 21, 2017

Hamsters can get mites from other hamsters or animals. Hamsters can also get mites from infested bedding in their cage. Luckily, getting rid of hamster mites is relatively simple. The main solution is the use of an anti-mite spray. Keeping your hamster's cage--and all items and bedding in it--clean and disinfected is also essential to maintaining a mite-free environment for your little furry friend.

Determine whether your hamster indeed has mites. A hamster with mites will scratch frequently, have irritated skin and fur loss, and have tiny black specks on its fur. Rub the hamster's fur with a white towel and inspect the towel for black specks.

Use an anti-mite spray for small animals or birds, which you can purchase at most pet supply stores or get from your veterinarian. Apply the spray as directed. Be sure to cover your hamster's head to avoid spraying into its eyes and mouth.

Clean and treat your hamster's cage and bedding. Use a mild disinfectant and treat with the anti-mite spray to clean your hamster's food dish, wheel, cage, water bottle and toys. Replace the bedding completely.

Treat any other pets in your home if they are also displaying signs of having mites. If you don't treat all the pets that have the mites, they'll simply pass the mites to each other again. Also, isolate the mite-infested hamster from other pets until the mites are gone to avoid spreading the mites.

Mites can persist even with a good cleaning and dose of anti-mite spray, especially if multiple pets are infested.


Be proactive about getting rid of the mites. If left untreated, your hamster could develop mange and suffer long-term health effects. Seek a veterinarian's treatment if the mites don't clear up in a few days after using the anti-mite spray or if any of the symptoms worsen.


Don't treat your hamster or its bedding with chemicals unless you're certain it has mites. If you're unsure at all, get a diagnosis from a veterinarian.

Things You'll Need

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  • Mild disinfectant
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