How to Delete Bearshare Account

Written by m. alanna white | 13/05/2017

As a member of the website Bearshare, you have found that you are not satisfied with the service. You want to cancel your membership with Bearshare. The FAQs tell you everything but how to cancel your membership. So how do you cancel?

Go to Bearshare and login to your account. Wait for your account page to completely load.

Click on End User License Agreement. You will find this at the very bottom of the page where the Copyright is listed. Scroll down to the section that reads "Charges & Billing."

Click the hyperlink URL found in the paragraph beginning with Cancellation. Once that page is completely loaded you will see inside the green help centre entry box another link that reads "Feedback Form." Click it.

Fill out the form entirely and make sure you enter inside the "problems description" box that you want to cancel your Bearshare membership.

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