How to Transfer Files from iTunes to Windows 7 Media Player

Updated February 21, 2017

Importing your iTunes music files into Windows 7 Media Player is very simple if you are running both programs on the same computer. The MP3 audio format iTunes uses is compatible with Windows 7 Media player, so all you need to do is tell your computer where to look. Standard iTunes video formats are not compatible with the Windows player, so you may need to run them through an external conversion program to view them. The digital rights limitations on these videos may not allow you to convert them, so check the iTunes licensing agreement before attempting to alter the files.

Launch Windows Media Player on your computer. Follow the onscreen configuration instructions if this is your first time using the player on that computer. You may find that the software finds and imports your music automatically.

Click "Switch to library" to open the library view on your computer. This button may not appear if you are already in library view.

Choose "Organize" from the menu bar, and then "Manage libraries." Select "Music" from the menu that appears.

Select "Add" and browse to the file where your music is stored. Windows Media player automatically searches the "My Music" folder in your documents library, which is also where iTunes stores media. However, if you have placed your iTunes media in a different location, you will need to tell the computer where it is stored.

Select "Include folder." Windows Media Player will find any compatible files in this folder and add them to your library.


If your iTunes library is on a different computer, move the "iTunes" folder under "My Music" or "Music" on the first computer onto a USB hard drive. Plug the drive into your new computer and drag and drop the iTunes folder into the "My Music" folder. Once the folder is in place, use the usual steps to tell Windows Media Player where to look.

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