How to apply for an internal job

Updated February 21, 2017

To apply for an internal job, most organisations require the same application process as for external candidates. This includes submitting a cover letter and resume, and interviewing with appropriate hiring personnel.

Prepare a professional cover letter and resume. When preparing your cover letter and resume, highlight your qualifications and contributions to the organisation. This can include involvement with your company's committees and improvement teams. Also, highlight any efforts outside your scope of responsibilities that added value to your department or organisation.

Submit your professional cover letter and resume to the appropriate department. It's important to follow procedures administered by your organisation when applying for an internal position. Most organisations will document procedures in their employee handbook or on the company website. If you have additional questions, contact your human resources representative to ensure proper procedures are followed.

Speak to your current supervisors regarding your interest in the internal job opportunity. It's respectful to your current supervisor to ask for their approval, and it prepares them if there's a need to replace you. They may offer a letter of recommendation.

Interview with appropriate hiring managers and human resources representatives. Dress in professional business attire, even if you work in a business-casual environment. In most cases, employers will extend a courtesy interview for all internal job applicants. If you feel your qualifications do not meet the requirements for the internal job, research training options and set time lines and goals to become qualified. Offer those solutions to the hiring managers to show your interest in learning the job.

Send a letter or e-mail thanking the hiring managers for their time. In your letter, highlight your goals, qualifications and interest in the position.


Promoting an employee helps organizational growth and employee retention. Preparation and enthusiasm when applying for an internal job will gain your employer's respect for your professionalism.

Things You'll Need

  • Professional cover letter
  • Professional resume
  • Professional interview attire
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