How to send a countdown timer through email

Updated March 23, 2017

Countdown timers are online flash applications that count down to a specific event. They are extremely popular among social networking users as well as e-mail users, who may want to display countdowns to important events they're anticipating. Some countdown timers include countdowns to holidays, parties, births, movie premiers and more. Sending a countdown timer through e-mail is relatively simple.

Navigate to a website that offers countdown timers and clocks.

Select a countdown timer and customise it by typing in the starting and ending dates for the event you're counting down. Click "Get Code" to get the html-embed code you'll use to share your clock.

Log in to your e-mail account. Paste the countdown timer html-embed code into the body of your e-mail message.


Display countdown timers on your social networking profile as well by copying and pasting the code into your profile editor.


You must generate the html-embed code to send a countdown timer through e-mail; you cannot simply copy and paste the countdown timer.

Things You'll Need

  • Countdown timer html-embed code
  • E-mail account
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