How to Use a Bissell Little Green Machine

Updated February 21, 2017

Bissell's Little Green Machine is a combination spot-cleaner and upholstery cleaner. The Little Green Machine is indeed little and useful for cleaning small areas where a full-size machine might be a hassle. It's also good for cleaning the car, removing drink stains or animal accidents.

Fill the tank. Lift the tank out of the device by lifting it straight up. Unscrew the black cap at the bottom of the tank and take out the bottle insert. Add the formula to the fill line. Using hot---but not boiling---water, fill the tank to the water filling line marked on the tank.

Replace the bottle insert and tighten the black cap. Replace the tank by sliding it into the machine.

Twist the bracket latch clockwise on the machine to release the flexible hose. Completely unwrap the hose.

Attach the brush tool to the trigger. Plug the machine into a power outlet. Check for a spray by holding the trigger.

Pre-treat the surface to be cleaned. Hold the tool above the surface and spray some solution onto the area. Wait five minutes.

Hold the tool about an inch above the surface. Press the trigger and apply the solution. Scrub the area gently with the tool. The brush should be rotating.

Spray more solution. When you press down, the dirty solution and soil should be drawn up into the machine.

Repeat until the solution appears clear as it's sucked up the hose. You'll see it in the window.

Use drying strokes. Continue to brush and remove the fluid, but don't spray anymore to dry the surface.

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