How to decorate a sofa with a throw

Updated February 21, 2017

Update your home with an inexpensive throw, which will add a pop of colour and interest to any sofa. Throws, which are decorative blankets that are placed over a couch or chair, are available in a variety of comfortable fabrics, such as chenille, cotton, wool and elegant cashmere. Along with adding style to a room, a throw will provide warmth and comfort for friends and family members on cold days and nights.

Determine what type of sofa you will be enhancing with a throw. Different sofas will work best with specific throw fabrics and styles.

Next, take your home decor into consideration when choosing what colour throw to use. Choose a shade that is complimentary with your sofa fabric colour. As an example, add an interesting pop of colour to a white sofa by choosing a bright red or sunny yellow throw.

Consider your sofa fabric whne choosing what type of throw material to choose. For instance, you can add warmth and softness to a dark leather couch by using a throw in cosy fabric, such as cashmere or chenille. A sophisticated linen sofa will look nice with a lightweight and elegant pashima throw.

Once you have determined the best type and colour of throw to use, place it over the top of your sofa as a decorative touch. If it is small, you can simply drape the entire throw, but if it is larger, fold it in half prior to laying it down so that it doesn't touch the floor.

After placing the throw on the sofa, complete the look by adding coordinating pillows. If you choose an animal-print throw, use matching pillows. A green throw can be enhanced by pillows featuring leaf or other nature-inspired designs.

Things You'll Need

  • Sofa
  • Throws in a variety of colours, fabrics and patterns
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