How to Say Le Creuset

Le Creuset is a cookware manufacturing company with deep European roots dating back to the 1920s. With an air of originality, Le Creuset has succeeded in developing a line of high quality enamelled cast iron cookware pieces that are highly regarded by professional chefs as well as people who enjoy cooking with quality cookware. Over the years, Le Creuset has added other pieces to the collection of items they manufacture and have built up an impressive offering of kitchen tools and products. Many people who purchase products from the Le Creuset Company wonder how to pronounce the French words "Le Creuset" and the employees are always happy to help people learn this pronunciation.

Pronounce "Le" with a simple "luh" sound.

Say the first syllable of "Creuset" by emphasising the "CRU" syllable. "Cru" rhymes with "moo."

Say the second syllable of "Creuset" by de-emphasising the "set" syllable. "Set" rhymes with "pay."

Pronounce the entire name "Le Creuset" as "luh CRU say."


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