How to attach blackout panels to curtains

Updated April 17, 2017

If you--or your baby--are waking up too early because of the sun, try blackout panels. They attach either to your existing curtains or behind them and block out sunlight to keep your room as dark as you like. Once you make or purchase blackout panels, you should be able to attach them to your existing curtains without much difficulty. You'll be sleeping in again before you know it.

Remove your curtain from the rod and lay it out flat, face down. Place the blackout panels directly on top of the curtains, face down.

Using curtain hooks, attach the top of the blackout panel to the top of your existing curtain. Curtain hooks are S-shaped, with one sharp end. The sharp end goes through both fabrics, then back out again. The shape keeps the hook in place and the curtains attached. Some blackout panels come with binding and magnetic strips that help to keep the panels attached. If your blackout panels come with these accessories, consult the instructions to properly attach them.

Sew the blackout panels to your existing curtains for a more permanent attachment.

Pin the curtains together at the top and along the sides.

Sew the panels together, starting at the front of the curtain to keep your stitches on the existing seams. This method works well with homemade curtains.

Rehang the curtains and check to make sure they are hanging properly. If any sagging or bunching occurs, add additional curtain hooks.

Remove your curtain from the curtain rod and set aside.

Install a secondary curtain rod beneath the existing rod. This will be for your blackout panels. Your existing curtain rod should stick out farther than the blackout panel rod.

Attach the blackout panels to the newly installed curtain rod. Rehang your curtains on the existing curtain rod.

Check to see that the curtains and blackout panels hang correctly and slide appropriately. If they are not hanging correctly, consider replacing your curtain rod with a decorative one that sticks out farther from the wall.


Using more than one blackout panel means that where they meet in the centre of the window, some sunlight might get in through the gap. One way to avoid this is to make or buy blackout panels in one wide panel instead of two to avoid a gap.

Things You'll Need

  • Curtain hooks
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Curtain rod(s)
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