How to Use a Shark Steam Cleaner

Updated February 21, 2017

The Shark Steam Cleaner product line includes several steam cleaning appliances such as the Shark Steam Mop and Shark Steam Pocket Mop. The high-temperature steam used in these products not only breaks up dried or caked dirt, debris or stains stuck to floors, but also sanitises. Once you've assembled your mop, you can easily manage various cleaning tasks around your home.

Push one end of the mop handle extension tube into the ergonomic handle and the other into the pump actuator until you hear a click/snap. If you have the Steam Pocket Mop, click the tube end of the all-in-one piece handle into the pump actuator.

Adjust the mop height by keeping or removing the extension tube on the Shark Steam Mop. With the Pocket Mop, pull the internal tube up and down by releasing the tube latch/lock into a 90-degree position. Reset the latch/lock when finished.

Attach a microfiber pad to the mop head using the hook and latch fastening strips if using the Steam Mop. Choose a mop head based on your cleaning needs, place a cleaning pocket on the head and click/snap the head into place below the pump actuator for the Pocket Mop.

Fill the water tank on your Shark Steam Cleaner mop. On the Steam Mop, remove the water tank cap by turning it counterclockwise, use the "filling flask" and "funnel" to fill the tank and then replace the cap by turning clockwise. On the Pocket Mop, lay the mop flat on the floor to remove the cap and fill.

Plug in your mop and heat the water---approximately 30 seconds.

Grasp and pump the handle lever to release steam into the microfiber pad on the Steam Mop. On the Pocket Mop, pump the entire handle at least 10 times to release steam into the pocket.

Mop the floor in a slow, even forward and backward motion grasping and pumping the handle as you do so.

Empty the water tank and allow the appliance---especially the mop head or microfiber pad/pocket---to cool before disassembling the mop and storing it.


If you need more water while cleaning, turn off the mop and unplug it before filling the tank. If your Pocket Mop's pocket become dirty while cleaning, flip the head and use the other side of the pocket to continue cleaning.


Always vacuum, sweep or dry mop your floors before using a Shark steam cleaner mop. Don't allow your mop to tip on its side--or use it on counters, walls or windows--as hot steam can spray from the mop head into the air and potentially burn you or others. Place distilled water in your mop if you have hard tap water. Never put perfumes, scents, oils, cleaning solutions/detergents or chemicals in the water used with a Shark steam cleaner as water additives can make the cleaner unsafe to use or damage it. Don't use your steam cleaner on steam sensitive surfaces such as unglazed ceramic, unsealed wood or waxed floors. Never turn on the steam unless you have a microfiber pad or pocket attached to the mop and don't leave the mop sitting in one place even with a pad/pocket as the hot steam centred on one spot can damage floors.

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