How to fit an x-trail replacement taillight bulb

Updated March 23, 2017

The Nissan X-Trail is an SUV sold in several parts of the world, although it is not sold in the U.S.. The X-Trail does share many components with U.S. Nissan vehicles, so tail light replacement and fitting is fairly straightforward. Make sure you use the correct bulb number when replacing a tail light bulb.

Turn the engine off and open the rear cargo hatch. Although the X-trail tail light is not attached to the cargo hatch door, you will have to open it to access the screws.

Remove the mounting screws from the rear combination light assembly. Carefully pull the assembly out to access the back.

Unhook the wiring harness from the middle bulb module. The middle module is for the tail light bulb.

Pull off the rubber cover. Turn the bulb module counter clockwise to remove it. Unhook the old bulb and discard it.

Attach the new bulb (hold it by the plastic base) and turn the module clockwise to tighten it. Replace the rubber cover, reattach the harness and remount the light assembly. Tighten the screws to finish.


Don't touch the replacement, only the plastic base. Dirt and oil from your skin can damage to the bulb.

Things You'll Need

  • Bulb number T20
  • Screwdriver
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