How to Get a Bible Engraved

Updated April 17, 2017

As long as a Bible is leather bound, it can be engraved on the front to read whatever name you want. Paperback Bibles cannot be engraved. To get your Bible engraved, take it to a Christian bookstore. Engraving a Bible will personalise your Bible, making it a great way to tell Bibles apart when you are at a Bible study or church where many Bibles are present in the same place.

Find the Bible you want engraved. Make sure that it doesn't have any other engraving on the cover and decide on what you want to engrave on it. If your name is "Ronald James Augustine," you can have that exact lettering engraved, or you can shorten it to "Ronald Augustine" or "Ron Augustine."

Write the exact name you want on a piece of blank paper. Capitalise the first letter of each name. This will act as the source for which the engraver will work on your Bible.

Take your Bible and your name on the piece of paper to the nearest Christian bookstore. They are sometimes called "family bookstores," too. Ask the clerk to have the name on the piece of paper engraved onto the cover of the Bible you've provided. The clerk will take it to the back and engrave it for you, and it shouldn't take more than a few minutes.


There's usually the option to get your Bible engraved in either gold or silver lettering. Inherently, there's nothing wrong with either colour, but gold engravings have become less stylish in recent years. Silver is usually a little bit easier to read, too (especially when engraved on a dark blue or black leather Bible). You can buy a leather-bound Bible at a bookstore such as Barnes & Noble or Borders, but they won't engrave it for you. If you buy a Bible at a Christian bookstore, they will engrave it for you the day you buy it.


After your Bible has been engraved, it's permanent. If you are a woman who will be getting married and changing your name, either engrave the name you plan on taking or simply ask to have your first and middle name engraved on the Bible.

Things You'll Need

  • Leather-bound Bible
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