How to get a male runway model body

Updated February 21, 2017

The world of modelling is both purely physical and highly subjective. What one designer may appreciate, another may detest, and for that reason, while there are general traits that are looked for in the perfect or ideal male model body, there is room for variance. Male runway models are often coveted for their washboard abs, piercing stares, and chiselled biceps. Because of this, men who aren't even aspiring to hit the runway are often hopeful in attaining such proportions.

Hope for height. Sadly, some of the traits of a male runway model are based purely on genetics. Ideally, male models are between 5 feet 10 inches and 6 feet 2 inches in height. Luckily, this is between the average height of most men, so a fair amount of the population should fall within this range.

Hit the weights. You don't see any obese or chubby male models, and that's why the average weight of a runway model falls between 63.5 and 74.8 Kilogram, depending on their height. This is achieved by sticking to a healthy, if not at times a rigorous, diet. Models are expected to look a certain way, and to keep their bodies in check; they do so by eating a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and even a bit of healthy fats. They will most likely skip the desserts, and anything fried or overly processed, as many of those foods only add empty calories and wider waistlines. A man weighing 68 Kilogram, if he is not active, needs about 2,500 calories to maintain that weight, and many models count their calories or work with a nutritionist.

Find a good muscle tone. It isn't enough to simply weigh a certain amount because male models are more desirable if they have muscle tone. Many models are avid gym-goers, making sure to target each muscle group as they go, in addition to regular cardiovascular exercise. Although some may not work out every day, they work most days. Their routines vary, but incorporate weights, strength exercises, and prolonged cardio activity to burn fat and calories. They target specifically the abs, quads, and upper arms, as these are often looked at critically by designers and casting directors.

Skin is important. Since large areas of their bodies are often exposed, male models must take care to hide any tan lines or colour discrepancies. They will usually go to the tanning salon, or get a spray tan to ensure that everything looks cohesive and even.


By combining a total body fitness regimen, healthy eating, skin care, and paying attention to all the little details such as nail care, facial scrubs, and other services, it is possible to attain the perfect male model body.


Not everyone will be able to gain the ideal male runway model body no matter how hard they try. Some traits are just left to one's genes. As with female modelling, eating disorders, exercise disorders, and other problems exist and are not to be taken lightly as they pose serious physical complications.

Things You'll Need

  • Workout gear
  • Tanning salon
  • Healthy food
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