How to make a loft bedroom

Updated March 23, 2017

Loft bedrooms are fantastic space-savers for those living in cramped quarters. They start with loft beds, which are basically bunk beds without the lower bunk, allowing you to use the floor space for other functions besides a bed. Create a loft bedroom out of a dorm room or in a small room where floor square footage is at a premium.

The easiest way to make a loft bedroom is by purchasing a prefabricated loft bed as your starting point and using ready-made furniture to decorate the living space underneath.

Select a loft bed as the anchoring piece of furniture for the room. These are manufactured for all different tastes and budgets. While some are no more than a bed built on stilts, the best ones are built atop of dressers and a desk, to create a multifunctional space.

Make sure the bed will fit appropriately in the space. Many loft beds are large and need to fit into the room in a certain way, if it's got a desk or other features. Take into account any closet doors or windows that could impede function. You don't want to get a huge, expensive piece of furniture home, then find out you can't open your closet door.

Decide what the space under the bed will be used for. How old is the user? What are their interests? Will they be playing with dolls or video games here? Should there be a study space? Personalise the space for the user.

Furnish the space under the bed. Choose furniture that is lower to the floor, like beanbags instead of easy chairs, so that when you stand up you don't hit your head. Add a light; clip lights work well. If there's no shelving built in, add a small bookcase underneath for added storage.

Get creative with the space. Hang curtains to create a kid's clubhouse. Set up a video-game station for teens. Make an under-the-bed closet for a fashionista. The space can be changed around as tastes change.


In a shared room, consider using two loft beds so that each user has his own personal living space.


If making your own loft bed, as so often happens in college dorm rooms, make sure the supports are adequate.

Things You'll Need

  • Loft bed
  • Clip lamp
  • Furniture and accessories, as desired
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