How to Attach Things in a Shadow Box

Using a shadow box is a wise way to display your treasured memorabilia from your vacation, cherished baby bracelets, old army medals, vintage handkerchiefs, dried flowers or other items with sentimental appeal. The shadow box typically has a glass cover that will shield the objects from dust or harm. You can set the shadow box on a decorative table or hang it from a wall to highlight collectable knives, thimbles or coins. You can attach items to the shadow box backing in a few ways.

Use a hook and loop tape, such as Velcro. Rolls of the tape come with a peel-off backing, and you can attach one side to the shadow box and the other side to the light- to medium-weight object.

Glue your object to the shadow box with a hot glue gun or a glue stick if it is a lightweight item.

Pin the item to the backing with a safety pin or even a straight pin for the least amount of damage to the item. This is particularly important when mounting items that are heirlooms, such as military medals or ribbons.

Peel the backing off a peel-and-stick picture hanger and use it to mount the item to the shadow box.


You can purchase miniature zipper-style plastic bags from a discount or hobby and craft store. This is a good way to showcase your special collection of coins or other small items without damaging them. You can pin the top of the bag to the backing without harming the value.

Things You'll Need

  • Hook and loop tape
  • Hot glue gun or glue stick
  • Safety or straight pins
  • Peel and stick picture hangers
  • Miniature zipper-style plastic bags
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