How to Prune Brugmansia

Updated April 13, 2018

Brugmansia, or Angel's Trumpet, is an exotic, tropical tree. It can grow to 30 feet tall when planted outdoors. Brugmansias also grow well as container specimens. Brugmansias are known for their beautiful, trumpet-shaped flowers that hang upside-down. Depending on the cultivar, the brugmansia's flowers can grow between four and 24 inches long. Pruning the brugmansia is not necessary for plant health, but cutting back the brugmansia results in a heavier flower production. The brugmansia should not be confused with the datura, also called Angel's Trumpet.

Inspect the brugmansia for any dead or broken branches. Remove these by pruning them back close to the boot.

Check for any branches that rub against each other. Prune these branches back enough so that they are not touching.

Cut off the older branches, back to a joint, to encourage new growth. Brugmansia develops its blooms on the new growth.

Prune the brugmansia often to encourage new growth. For a bushier plant and more blooms, cut the tips of several older branches back to a node.

Remove only lateral branches when pruning, and not the leader.


The brugmansia should only be pruned in the spring. Brugmansias are tolerant of pruning, and can be easily shaped by selective trimming.


All parts of Brugmansia are toxic and should not be injested.

Things You'll Need

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