How to Win Back an Aries Man

Ruled by Mars, Aries men are independent and pioneering. They are slow to marry, but once they decide on a mate, they are fiercely loyal. Being the first sign of the zodiac and a natural leader, the Aries man will not play second fiddle. To reestablish the trust and rapport that may have been lost in your relationship, you need to assure him that he is the No. 1 man in your life.

To win back your Aries man, use kind, thoughtful, supportive words to placate his ego, which may have been badly bruised by your break-up. Buy a greeting card that has the appropriate sentiment, or write your own. If possible, deliver the card yourself to show your sincerity and devotion.

Buy or pick a bouquet of flowers for your man. Have it delivered or give it to him yourself if possible. Include a loving note that suggests a get-together soon.

Aries men love to be where the action is. Pick up a couple of tickets to a sports event, concert or action movie that you know he likes. Give him a call and tell him you really miss having fun with him and would like to make it up to him with a date to something he would like.

After your initial reconciliation, invite your Aries man over for a romantic dinner. A delicious, sensual meal accompanied by candles and romantic music will help restore his faith in your love and attentiveness.

The Aries man is typically very physical. Indulge him with a sensual massage. Aries rules the head. This is an especially erotic zone for him, so give it a lot of attention. Assure him with words and gestures that he is the one and only man for you.


Don't flirt with other men, as the Aries man is intolerant of rivalry. Wear classy, not flashy clothing. Don't compete with him, because he has to be No. 1 in his own arena. Don't be possessive, as the Aries man needs independence.


A negative Aries can be moody, sulky and prone to temper tantrums. His ego is easily bruised.

Things You'll Need

  • Greeting card
  • Flowers
  • Two tickets to sports/action event or movie
  • Candles
  • Music
  • Romantic dinner
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