How to get rid of mites on rabbits

Updated May 03, 2018

Mites that burrow themselves into your rabbit's fur can cause intense itching for your pet. As your rabbit begins to scratch, you may notice chunks of fur missing from its neck and back. If the rabbit breaks the skin open from all of the scratching, it may get a nasty infection. It is important to begin treatment to kill the mites. After that, you can begin a regimen to keep the rabbit from becoming infested with mites again.

Purchase either Ivermectin or Stronghold to treat your rabbit. Either one is safe to use on rabbits and will effectively kill mites.

Give your rabbit Ivermectin orally. Make sure to use the proper dosage based on your rabbit's size. If you choose to use Stronghold, all you need is one tube for small animals. Part the fur on the back of your rabbit's neck and apply the contents of the tube. You will need only one dose to get rid of the mites, but you can use this once each month to prevent further infestations.

Keep your rabbit out of its cage until it's thoroughly cleaned. If you put the rabbit back in without cleaning the cage, it will only become infected all over again. Start by removing all of the items in the cage such as the water bottle, food dish and toys.

Wear a pair of gloves and use a dust pan and brush to remove all of the bedding in the cage. Throw it out or burn it to kill the mites in it.

Scrub the objects from the cage and the cage with a product called Vanodine. This product will disinfect the cage and the items that will be going back in it. It is much safer to use than bleach and is safe for the rabbit to breathe in.

Place new bedding in the cage and return all of the objects. Now you are ready to return your treated rabbit to the cage. The mites will be gone and your rabbit will begin to grow hair again.


Always consult with your vet if you feel that your rabbit is getting an infection from scratching open its skin.


Although you can use Advantage on your rabbit, Frontline is deadly. Never use Frontline to prevent your rabbit from getting mites.

Things You'll Need

  • Ivermectin or Stronghold
  • Vanodine
  • Dust pan and brush
  • Plastic gloves
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