How to Connect a Samsung LCD TV to a HDD DVD Recorder

Updated February 21, 2017

An HDD (Hard Disc Drive) DVD Recorder stores television programming on an internal memory disc much like a computer. DVD recorders with larger hard drives can hold more programming, which can be reviewed, edited to remove commercials and other unwanted content, and burnt to a DVD for a permanent copy, if desired. HDD DVD recorders connect to a Samsung LCD TV with cables common to all digital audio/video components. You'll also need to connect the DVD recorder to a cable or satellite receiver box so you'll have something to record. The hook ups take only a minute.

Unplug the Samsung LCD television from the power and disconnect the cable, connecting it to the cable or satellite box.

Check the available connections on the back of the Samsung LCD and the DVD recorder, choosing the best connection for optimal sound and picture. The connection types will be labelled on the back of each component above the jacks. HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) is the best cable connection available and resembles a trapezoid-shaped computer plug. RCA component cables consist of red, green and blue video plugs for the next-best connection, followed by S-video and RCA-type plugs, which use yellow for video, white for left audio and red for right audio.

Connect the cable from the satellite or cable box to the Input jack on the HDD DVD recorder.

Connect audio/video cables from the Output jack of the HDD DVD recorder to the audio/video Input jacks on the back of your Samsung LCD.

Plug the Samsung and HDD DVD recorder electrical cords into a power strip and plug the power strip into a wall outlet.

Things You'll Need

  • HDD DVD recorder
  • Samsung LCD TV
  • Cable or satellite box
  • Audio/video cables
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