How to Remove Q-LOK Spikes from Shoes

Written by jamie latta | 13/05/2017

Q-LOK (often, but incorrectly spelt "Q-Lock") spikes cannot be removed by hand. They are a unique type of spike that screws directly into golf shoes. Q-LOK incorporates a patented design with a female receptacle in golf shoe soles and a male receptacle on the spike. Since golf spikes are no longer made of steel, but rather hard plastic, chances are that the spikes will need to be replaced before the shoe. Here is how to remove them.

The spikes need to be installed and removed using a golf wrench, which can easily be found in your local golf shop or sporting goods store. Use a quick counterclockwise turn with a two-pin golf wrench to unlock the spikes.

You can use the spike wrench which comes with your golf shoes, but these are usually fairly flimsy and do not have the best grip. Taking a Q-LOK spike off with the wrench which came with the shoe is challenging. This could be especially frustrating if you need to change a spike on the golf course.

You can purchase a standard Q-LOK golf wrench at any golf shop. These are far more effective than the wrenches that typically come with your shoes.

The easiest route is to take your golf shoes to a golf shop and have them change the spikes for you.

Things you need

  • Two-pin golf wrench

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