How to Find a Person by Maiden Name

Updated February 21, 2017

An old high school fling, someone you ran into a few years ago and never forgot or a long-lost daughter you'd like to reconnect with--each could be the woman you'd like to find, and you may only have her maiden name to search by. All is not lost, as there are many ways to find someone by only a first name and maiden last name. With a little time and a little digging, finding someone with a maiden name may be easier than you think.

Get on your computer and go to the internet to the Web site Type in the name of the person you're searching for inside quotation marks. For example: If you're searching for Jane Doe, you'd type "Jane Doe" with the name inside quotes.

Look through the search results for something that may reference the person you're looking for. For example: If you know the person you're looking for has got married and changed her name, try looking for old wedding registries in the search results. This may give you insight as to what her new last name is.

Look for any contact information through the search results that may be linked to the woman you're seeking. Contact anyone who might know how to get in touch with her directly via e-mail or phone. For example: If you see that she wrote an article for a newspaper, contact the newspaper to see if they have any recent e-mail addresses for her.

Get on the computer and go to the Web site Search for your friend by first name and maiden last name. Look at the results for any photos or information that may match your friend, even if the last name appears different in the search results, as this may be the new last name.

Click on "send a message" when you find anyone who may be linked to who you're seeking. Send a message asking if they are indeed the person you're looking for.

Repeat Step 1 for any friends or family members who might know how to contact the woman you're looking for, as they may be on Facebook and she may not.

Repeat Steps 1 through 3 on any other social media site, such as MySpace, LinkedIn, Friendster, MakeOutClub or (if you went to school with the woman).

Get on the computer and go to the Web site, which is a digital phone book. Search for the woman by her first name and maiden last name and where you think she is living. While her name may have changed, many times the listing is out of date in the digital phone book, since it isn't updated daily.

Search the Web site under "people search" and research each option to find out which one would work best for the person you're seeking. Some are free; some cost money.

If all else fails, hire a private investigator. Give him all the information you know and he will try to find the person.


Look for family and friends if the actual person can't be found, as they will likely have more information than you and may have a current last name to make the search easier.


If a woman does not want you to find her, stop trying. Persistent searching and pestering friends and family may come off as stalking and could be considered illegal.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet Access
  • Name of Person You're Searching
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