How to Get a Pisces Man Back

Updated March 23, 2017

According to Sasstrology's Jeffrey Kishner, "It takes so much initiative for a Pisces man to get off his butt to break up with you. Maybe the real you didn't compare to the fantasy you, and he just couldn't bear the dissonance between the two." Because of the Fish's famous inertia and reticence, it can take a lot of effort to rebuild what has been broken. However, it might be possible with an earnest, calculating appeal to his more Neptunian qualities. Use romance and fantasy to lure the Pisces Man back onto your hook.

Use the power of fantasy to draw the Pisces man back in. Use Neptunian offerings like alcohol, music and other creative things to weave a haze of romance around you. This is the first step in making a Pisces forget why he became mad in the first place.

Appeal to his feminine nature and apologise on an emotional level. No doubt, the Pisces man has been bruised emotionally, and nothing more than an equal share of grief and guilt will assuage his ego. Cry, fall to you knees and beg for forgiveness. Your actions may seem over the top and ridiculous, but the Pisces man will see them as deserved, necessary gestures.

Work to re-establish trust with your Pisces man. This means being open about past disagreements, owning up to your faults and being open to apologising. You may have to put up with small tests along the way to prove your loyalty before the Pisces man drops his protective walls once more.

Appeal to the Pisces male sense of the spiritual. Suggest that your relationship is fated and that otherworldly forces have conspired to bring you both together in order to live out karma. Even the most hardened Pisces man is deeply spiritual, and the pull of the unknown will be too much to dismiss. Go a step further and verify your words by taking the Pisces for a psychic reading or suggest that he meditate on the matter.


If a Pisces man has gone away, don't push or chase him to trigger a return. Let a Pisces man approach again only if he wishes. Don't be too persistent, because that will frighten the Fish man. Avoid attempting a reunion if you've cheated on a Pisces man. The Pisces male heart is fragile and easily broken; he'll forgive, but he will never forget. That sort of trust breach is usually enough to permanently remove a person from the Pisces man's life.

Things You'll Need

  • Neptunian offerings - wine, alcohol, music, artistic items
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