How to Make Browband Rosettes

Updated February 21, 2017

Rosettes are small, ornamental designs worn as badges or used as decorations on items such as clothing, bands and napkins. These ornaments also are used as prizes at the top of ribbons given for winning an event. Though rosette-style ribbons and awards can be ordered from speciality manufacturers, they are quite easy to make at home. Once rosettes are finished, they can be attached to pieces of clothing, such as browbands, for added detail and decoration.

Fold a ribbon in half, lengthwise. Choose whether you want a matt or shiny rosette, and fold the ribbon so that your chosen side is on the inside of the loop. Make the two ends of the ribbon even, and sew them together. Knot the thread, and trim it so that there's no excess.

Turn the ribbon inside out so the seam at the ends is hidden inside. You now have a loop of ribbon. Sew a set of stitches around a long side. Do not sew both sides of the loop together; the set of stitches should run along the entire top edge of the ribbon. Do not knot or cut your thread yet.

Pull the thread tight while holding the ribbon to gather the ribbon along its top edge. Your rosette takes on the shape of a flower. Adjust the rosette until you're happy with the gathering and shape of the design.

Knot your thread and cut it. Repeat until you have as many rosettes as you want for your browband.

Lay elastic for the browband flat, or spread an existing browband. Decide on the design for your rosettes on the band by laying them out before you permanently attach any.

Sew or glue your rosettes on the browband in the places you've selected. Attach them vertically centred on the band so the "petals" of your rosettes can be spread and fluffed.


Decorate your rosettes by gluing beads or fake pearls at their centre. If you use glue, allow several hours for it to dry before wearing your browband.


Using incomplete or loose knots will cause your rosette to become untied. Glue is more likely to wear out than thread.

Things You'll Need

  • Ribbon (4 to 5 inches long)
  • Thread (matching or contrasting)
  • Sewing needle
  • Plain length of elastic or browband/headband
  • Glue
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