How to Get Rid of Scratches on a Nintendo DS Screen

Updated February 21, 2017

The Nintendo DS is a handheld video game console that has two screens. The bottom screen is a touch screen that allows gamers to interact with the game using a stylus pen or their fingers. The bottom screen can be prone to scratches from the stylus or constant strain on the screen cover. The top screen is made of a firmer glass that can be cleaned more easily than the bottom screen. If you have extreme damage from scratches on either screen, you can have the screens repaired or replaced by Nintendo.

Spray glass cleaner on the top screen of your Nintendo DS on the area that is scratched. Wipe the screen using a soft cloth to try to remove any small scratches. If there are still scratches on your top screen, continue to Step 2.

Go to your local video game store. The employees at the store may be able to remove the scratches for you by using a small screen buffer. They can also do the same for scratches on games.

Replace the cover yourself using the screen cover kit, which includes a removal tool, a new screen and replacement instructions. You can purchase this kit from the Nintendo Online Store or at your local video game store. If you have scratches on your bottom screen, continue to Step 4.

Check the support section for Nintendo DS on the website for the process of sending your Nintendo DS for a repair. If you have major scratches on the bottom screen, the screen will have to be repaired by a professional.

Enter the serial number located on the back of your Nintendo DS when prompted to in the support section. You will then be able to see if you have a warranty on your DS, where you can send it in to be replaced or repaired for free. If you don't have a warranty, you will be shown the cost for the repair and instructions for sending in your DS to be repaired or replaced.


Never apply cleaning solution or glass cleaner to the bottom screen of your Nintendo DS, as it could cause more damage to the screen.

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