How to Report Illegal DVD Copies

Updated November 22, 2016

Illegal, bootleg, and counterfeit DVD sales violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. Illegal DVD copies are manufactured both overseas and in the United States. You should report illegal DVDs because sellers are infringing on producer's copyright protection. In addition, sellers often do not report the DVD income and thus, they do not pay taxes.

Gather relevant information, such as the name of the person who is supplying or providing the illegal copies. Also prepare the address and time when the DVDs are sold. For example, highlight whether you can purchase DVDs at anytime at a particular location or if sales are limited to weekends. You likely do not have to disclose information about yourself. However, you need to organise as much about the illegal DVD business as possible.

Contact the legal producer or manufacturer directly and inform them of the violation(s). You can get in touch with the Motion Picture Association of America ( Upon receiving concrete information, the company that is being victimised can pursue the violator, such as by filing a motion for an injunction to halt the sales or a lawsuit to obtain punitive damages.

Inform the retailer. Websites like facilitate countless transactions between buyers and sellers. If you purchase an illegal DVD from a seller who did not describe the product accurately (i.e., you bought a DVD that you later discovered is illegal), then notify the retailer.

File a report with the Business Software Alliance ( The BSA promotes confidential piracy reports through its website or by telephone at 1(888) NO-PIRACY, Monday through Friday. By reporting illegal DVDs, you will be eligible for a BSA reward.

Make a complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Trade Commission. You can contact the FBI through and the FTC through By receiving information about illegal DVD sales, the FBI and FTC can record statistics and work with local law enforcement officers to address the crime.


Contact your local police to find out if there is a task force that handles illegal DVD sales. You also can post a report with so that other consumers are aware of the illegal DVD business.


Illegal DVDs sales are growing and are difficult to eliminate because when one operation shuts down, another will develop somewhere else.

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