How to Get Donations from Companies for Charities

Updated April 17, 2017

Communities are known to lend helping hands in times of crisis. Unfortunately, many crooks have taken advantage of the public's good will through charity scams. Consequently, it can be a challenge to collect donations even if you are a legitimate charity. With careful preparation, however, you should be able to execute a successful fund-raising campaign.

Compile a list of businesses to send donation requests. Think about targeting requests to specific markets. For example, if you are asking for donations to benefit an animal shelter, local pet stores and veterinary offices should be on your list. If you are collecting donations for charities that focus on children or families, you might consider asking for contributions from clothing, shoe, and toy stores.

Put together a sheet of information about the charity for which you are soliciting donations. Creating a request in the form of a letter instantly adds a personal touch. Be sure to include detailed information about where to send donations--either electronically, in person, or via snail mail--and how the money will be used. Also include a website for the charity, so people can find out more about the organisation. Finally, if you have a specific deadline, state that in your letter.

Visit retail stores, financial institutions, and small businesses in the area and ask to speak with the manager or supervisor. In a concise speech, state your fund-raising intentions, including information about the charity, how contributions will be used, and your deadline to collect funds. Ask if you can leave two or three labelled money jars. These may be placed at checkout lines in retails stores or at receptionists' desks at other businesses. You may have to make an appointment ahead of time if you plan to visit corporate offices. For companies you are unable to visit, you may send snail mail and e-mail requests.

Keep a running total of all money received. A couple of days before your deadline, visit stores and businesses again to retrieve money jars. Total all donations received, then write a check for the total amount to the charity. Or if you prefer, visit the organisation's office to give the check in person.


When composing a letter asking for financial support, keep the letter as brief as possible--no longer than one page. Businesses are focused on efficiently running their companies; they do not have time to read lengthy requests. Long letters might be cast aside without consideration.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Charity website
  • Reliable transportation
  • Addresses for local businesses
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