How to Restore My Sony Vaio to Factory Default Settings

Updated April 17, 2017

The Sony Vaio line of computers has been widely praised by electronics reviewers for being reliable machines that are fit for almost any use. However, even the most reliable machines are prone to experiencing errors from time to time. Whether it's to fix a problem or you simply feel it time to have a fresh slate on your machine, restoring your Sony Vaio to its default factory settings is both quick and exceptionally easy.

Click the Windows "Start" menu.

Click the "Help and Support."

Select the "Vaio Recovery Wizard" option.

The Vaio Recovery Wizard will launch. Follow the instructions given as you advance through the wizard. When prompted, confirm that you want to reset your Vaio to its original factory settings.

Allow the computer about an hour to properly restore itself to factory settings.


If you still have the Sony Vaio Recovery discs that shipped with the Vaio computer, you can ease the process by inserting these discs and following the instructions. Back up any files that you may want to keep before the restore. Once the restore begins, any files not backed up will be lost forever.


Do not allow your computer to run out of battery power or otherwise shut down during the restoration process. This can do serious damage to your computer.

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