How to Tie Hair Into a Bun

Updated April 17, 2017

A bun is an extremely versatile hairstyle. It can be elegant and polished, or messy and funky. It works for everything from formal events to casual get-togethers. Fixing hair into a bun is simple and takes very little time.

Brush hair well. In order to put it back into a hair bun, the hair needs to be completely tangle-free.

Put the hair into a ponytail by pulling back all the hair and wrap the hair tie around it until it's tight. Buns look good whether on the top, middle or lower part of the head. A side bun is another option for a modern twist on the hairstyle. Wherever you put the ponytail, that's where the centre of the bun will be. When pulling back the hair, it can either be polished or rough. For elegant styles, smooth out the hair with a gel or hairspray to completely flatten it and add shine, and make sure to make the ponytail as close to the head as possible. Casual buns look best if they're not tight against the head, and hair is more natural.

Grab the ponytail by the end and twist the hair. Formal styles need a tight twist, but relaxed buns can be looser.

Wrap the twisted ponytail around the centre of its base. For polished buns, pull it tight so that it doesn't come loose, pulling the ends around each previous wrap. Use a loose wrap for more casual styles.

Secure the ends. Use hair clips to tuck all the ends behind the rounded bun.


For added personality, use decorative hair clips and allow the ends to stick out from behind the bun slightly. You can also add other hair accessories, like barrettes and clips, for a more interesting bun.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair tie
  • Hair clips
  • Hair accessories (optional)
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