How to connect multiple HDMI devices to only one HDMI input

Updated July 20, 2017

Connecting multiple HDMI devices to only on HDMI input can easily be accomplished by using a HDMI switch box. Today, HDTVs have one HDMI input and most people have multiple HDMI devices such as video game consoles and Blue-ray players that need to be connected to the HDMI input on their HDTV. A HDMI switch box is a device that allows you to connect your HDMI devices without having to manually swap cables every time you need to use a different HDMI device.

Buy an HDMI switch box with multiple HDMI ports from your nearest electronics store. Buy additional HDMI cables as needed for your HDMI devices such as HD DVD players or satellite systems.

Connect the HDMI output from the HDMI switch box labelled "HDMI OUT" to the HDMI input labelled "HDMI IN."

Connect the HDMI output from each of the devices to the HDMI input ports of the HDMI switch box. Power on your HDMI switch box and power on your HDMI devices. Select which source you want to use by using the switch box remote.

Things You'll Need

  • HDMI switch box
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