How to Lose Weight With a Mini Trampoline

Updated July 20, 2017

Exercising with a mini trampoline is a safe and effective way to lose weight. Many exercises, like running and other impact-heavy workouts, can be harmful to your joints. Jumping on a mini trampoline is a rebounding exercise, which simply means that you're pushing against gravity while jumping, and thus gaining a more effective workout. When used properly, a mini trampoline can reduce the stress you put on your body during exercise and still achieve noticeable results.

Find a clear and open area in your home to place the mini trampoline. Make sure the ceiling is not too low. Stand on the trampoline and raise your hands above your head. If your hands are touching or close to touching the ceiling, consider finding another spot.

Begin with a gentle bounce. Stand in the middle of the trampoline, spread your feet about shoulder-width apart and then bounce gently. Try to keep your feet on the trampoline as you bounce. Do this for three to five minutes every day and you will burn calories, improve circulation and balance and relieve stress.

To burn more calories, try jogging in place. While standing on the trampoline, lift one knee and then the other, as if you are marching. As you get more comfortable with the motion, lift your knees higher and move faster. Try to sustain your pace for three to five minutes.

To work on your stomach and thighs, sit in the middle of the trampoline with your legs hanging off the side. With one foot on the ground, raise the other leg so that it is pointing straight out. Then begin to bounce on your bottom. When the pointed leg tires, switch to the other leg and begin again. Once you're comfortable with this motion, try lifting both legs. Sustain this exercise for three to five minutes per session.

As you get used to the movements and exertion, try to repeat Steps 1 through 4 several times every day. If you're not losing weight after two weeks, increase the time per session.


Be sure to keep hydrated. Listen to your body. If your ankles or knees begin to hurt, stop the exercise. Wear sneakers to prevent slipping

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