How to Make a Fashion Doll Stand

Collecting fashion dolls is a passion shared by many. One of the pleasures of owning such treasures is displaying them for all to see. Since many doll collectors own several dolls, obtaining display stands for them all can be rather expensive. With some inexpensive items and a few household tools, any collector can create beautiful and functional display stands for her fashion dolls.

Drill a hole 1 inch back from the centre of the base. This is where the armature wire will be secured for holding your fashion doll. The hole should be just slightly larger in diameter than the armature wire.

Cut a piece of armature wire that is 1.5 inches longer than the distance from the foot of your doll to the top of the inner thigh.

Form a "saddle" for your doll to straddle by shaping a cursive "u" out of the first inch of the armature wire.

Secure the bottom of the armature wire saddle to the hole in the base with super glue.

Cut a piece of felt that is the same shape and size as the bottom of the base. Adhere it to the base with super glue. This will prevent damage to any surface the stand may set on.

Decorate the base of your display stand using fabric or paint and embellishments.


You can personalise your stand by writing or painting the name of the doll, maker and date produced. Rhinestones add a glitzy touch to your display stand.

Things You'll Need

  • 1/4 inch aluminium artist's armature wire
  • Wooden or plastic base (oval or circular)
  • Drill
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Super glue
  • Decorative fabric
  • Rhinestones or other embellishments
  • Felt
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