How to make beaded suncatchers

Updated February 21, 2017

Beaded suncatchers add colour and design interest to any window. You can make your own beaded suncatchers with translucent crystal beads in any shape or colour. You can find everything you need to make beaded suncatchers at a craft store or from online retailers. The quantity of beads you need will depend on the size of the beads you select, the size of the craft ring that you select and the amount of strands you prefer.

Select the beads for your suncatcher. Beads sized 4mm or larger work best for suncatchers; smaller seed beads, delicas and bugles can be used to fill in, but the majority of your design should include beads that are at least 4mm. You can find craft rings as small as 5 inches in diameter and as large as 14 inches, so choose the size that best fits your window and your design.

Measure the width across the widest point on your craft ring. Cut a length of monofilament line to fit the width, plus 6 inches so you can make the knots to hold the strand in place.

Tie a knot 3 inches from one end of the line. Thread a seed bead onto the line, down to the knot. The tiny seed bead will act as a stopper for beads with larger openings. Thread the crystal beads onto the line in any pattern that you like. Leave 3 inches at the end. Add a seed bead to the end and make a knot.

Tie the ends of the beaded strand onto the centre of your craft ring with triple overhand knots. Add a drop of jeweller's glue to the knots to hold them in place.

Make as many beaded strands as you like to fill in the craft ring and make the suncatcher. You can space the strands an inch or so apart, or you can fit them tightly together. Measure the distance across the craft ring before you begin each strand. The distance will gradually be smaller as you near the perimeter of the ring.

Cut a 6-inch strand of monofilament line. Make a loop and tie it onto the top of the craft ring, in the centre, so you can hang your beaded suncatcher.

Things You'll Need

  • Crystal beads
  • Seed beads
  • Craft ring
  • Measuring tape
  • Monofilament line
  • Jeweller's glue
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