How to start a home bakery business

Updated July 20, 2017

Starting a home bakery is a lucrative side business with a potential of making good extra income. Running this business requires a passion of baking and an entrepreneur spirit.You don't have to be a great cook or a baker since you can always learn through local culinary schools and online resources. Starting a home bakery business is an easy, enjoyable and requires a reasonable and affordable financial investment.

Get in touch with your local authority to register your home bakery business. You also need to register your bakery with the environmental health service at your local authority a minimum of 28 days before opening. Other factors to consider to make sure you are legally able to run a bakery business include checking the General Food Law Requirements, making sure you have health and safety procedures in place, and that you have registered the business for tax.

Take mutliple classes to learn the baking trade. Either enrol in a community college or take the courses online. In addition, take good notes while reading baking-related books.

Use creative marketing techniques to start selling your baked items. The potential for selling delicious bread, cookies, biscotti, cakes and pies is limitless. Sell your baked goods to stores, restaurants, parties, neighbours, school functions, events, festivals, fairs, grocery stores and library events on a regular basis. Once you have regular customers who like your baked goods, your business will gain momentum that will continue as long as your baked goods continue to improve.

Contact your neighbours, friends and family and let them know that you are starting a home bakery business. Remember, they are your best customers. Why? Because they will know and understand that you are starting out and need a boost. In addition, because you are new, they might tolerate occasional mistakes in the orders and recipes. Don't underestimate them because they will be your word of mouth in promoting your business.

Sell your baked items at a flea market. If you want to quickly gain some revenue, book a booth as soon as you are ready to sell. The flea market is the quickest and cheapest way to earn some extra money and find new, loyal customers.

Start selling your baked items at popular festivals. If you live in a major city, you may have noticed that major events and festivals are always happening, especially during the holidays. Great selling opportunities include St. Patrick's Day, annual wine and music festivals, art and wind festivals, Asian fairs and various Hispanic festivals. These are the great places to sell cookies, cakes and pies. Don't forget to pass out your business cards and contact information. You can politely ask your customers if it is OK to call them back. If you are selling delicious items, they will be happy to say yes.


Visit your hometown bakery and ask for advice. For financial help, visit your local bank. Most houses' ovens will be sufficient for a home bakery business.

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