How to Get Free Goodie Bags

Updated February 21, 2017

The goodies available inside a goody bag can be anything your heart desires, from coupons and gift tokens to free samples and candy. Goody bag promotions generally run on a limited basis and they're usually only available at certain times. Once you learn how to get free goody bags, you can enjoy freebies from many different companies.

Attend parties. Birthday parties, showers, wedding receptions and even pet parties can be a great place to both celebrate the occasion and walk away with a free goody bag. The items included in the free goody bag depend on the event. For example, you'll likely find crayons, tops and other small toys inside a goody bag you'll receive at a child's birthday party.

Participate in stage shows or awards ceremonies. Presenters at the Academy Awards enjoy ritzy prizes like cell phones, PDAs, hotel stays and celebrity-catered dinners. For the rest of us, consider volunteering in your county pageant or at your local school to help put on a production. Volunteers and presenters can walk away with a great goody bag as a way for the organisers to say thank you.

Look for company samples. Companies promote new products by offering free goody bags full of samples. By calling the company or sending in your information, you might receive a gift bag of the company's latest products so you can try them for free.

Support local businesses. To entice new customers, new businesses will frequently offer goody bags or free services. You might also find goody bags at going-out-of-business sales or even at large seasonal sales.

Join clubs and organisations. As a perk for joining, many clubs will offer you a f goody bag featuring items from the club. For example, joining a movie club might earn you a goody bag with discount theatre and concession stand tickets inside.

Get used to standing in line. Goody bags are a special treat reserved only for the most dedicated customers in many cases. If you hear of a goody bag opportunity, show up early. Frequently, businesses offer these promotions to the first 10, 50 or 100 customers.

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