How to Create Party Invites

Create party invites for your next party. Special occasions call for an opportunity to throw a party. Creating your own invites is an inexpensive option. There are several design options when it comes to creating your own party invites. Designing your own invites allows for more flexibility and creativity. Party invites reflect the personality of the party. They are a polite and attractive way to ask your guests to attend your party.

Choose a theme for the party. Before you can create invites for a party, it is essential to focus on a theme. The theme of the party will allow you to create an invitation that matches the style of the party.

Decide on the paper quality for the party invites. There are various types of paper available at craft stores. Use card stock for a high quality invite. Choose a textured paper to make the invites appear professional.

Design the invites at the right dimensions. The size of the invitation is dependent on how much information you plan to include. Usually invitations are the size of a standard greeting card.

Use a word processing program to create the invites. Choose to create a new document from the file menu in the program's toolbar. Once you create a new document, select the appropriate size for the invites.

Add text to the invites. Experiment with the fonts and styles available in the word processing program. Center text blocks on the invitations to create unity. Use colour and font size to make words stand out.

Select images to use on the invites. Add pictures that represent the party's theme. Place a picture of yourself or the party guests to add a personal touch.

Create a checklist for the invites. Make sure you include the important information about the party. Check to see if you included the date, time and location. Ask your guests to RSVP to the party, and include your phone number or e-mail address. Let guests know what the theme is, and if they are required to bring anything for the party.

Select the paper size and paper quality in the printer options. Choose print from the file menu and select properties on the print menu. Practice printing the invites on scrap paper before printing them on the invitation paper.


Add embellishments such as ribbon and stickers. Hand deliver the invitations to save money on shipping costs.

Things You'll Need

  • Word processor
  • Paper
  • Card stock
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