How to Change MSN Messenger Email Address

Updated March 23, 2017

Like other services such as America Online and Yahoo, Microsoft's MSN offers its users an instant messaging client. Originally called MSN Messenger, the client is now branded under the name "Windows Live Messenger." Users access Messenger by entering a login e-mail address and are able to change the address linked to their Messenger account at any time. Doing so automatically changes the user's login ID for other MSN services such as Hotmail.

Keep in mind that you cannot change your MSN Messenger login e-mail address if it is a Hotmail address. In this situation, create a new, separate account using a different, non-Hotmail address (see Resources). Otherwise, access the MSN website (see Resources) and enter your login information into the appropriate fields.

Click on the "View or Edit Your Profile" link.

Select the option to change the email address associated with your MSN account.

Enter the new e-mail address you wish to use going forward, into the appropriate field. Save the changes you have made to your account.


Changing the email you use to sign into MSN Messenger does not change your Messenger display name. MSN automatically updates other MSN users' electronic address books to reflect your new e-mail address.

Things You'll Need

  • MSN account
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