How to Make a Cake Shaped Like a Dog

Updated June 05, 2017

Dog lovers enjoy celebrating special occasions with their dogs. To make a whimsical cake for a dog lover you can make dog-shaped cakes. These can be professionally crafted or made at home. Some companies sell dog-shaped cake pans. However, many individuals have created their own dog-shaped cake designs using round cakes, cupcakes and Twinkies. With some carefully placed frosting and additional edible decorations, dog-shaped cakes take on their own personalities. Follow some basic guidelines and customise your cake to be as unique as the creatures that inspired it.

Create the base by preparing white, yellow or chocolate cake mix and bake within round and rectangular pans. Skilled artists may layer round cakes and then carve out the three-dimensional shape of a dog. Alternatively, you may create a more whimsical two-dimensional image that still has some depth from the cakes. In this case, one round cake will be the dog's face. Cut an oval from the rectangular cake for the dogs body. Prepare cupcakes or gather Twinkies to be the dog's ears, paws and tail.

Arrange the elements of the base and frost the cake. Be creative with the frosting. It is what will bring together the elements of the base and help the cake look truly doglike. Use multiple colours of frosting to add contrast and details.

Add edible decorations to complete the look of the dog cake. Try cookies for eyes and a nose. Use chewy pull and peel candy like Twizzlers or Fruit Roll-Ups for the tongue and dog collar. Garnish the serving tray with cookies shaped like dog bones.

Things You'll Need

  • Round and rectangular baking pans
  • Cake mix
  • Cupcake trays
  • Twinkies
  • Frosting
  • Cookies and candy of your choice
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