How to decorate staircases with tulle

Updated February 21, 2017

When you're decorating a room for a party or celebration, a staircase is a wonderful feature. This feature begs for decorations like wreaths, ribbons and tulle. For weddings and other festivities, using tulle, ribbons, and silk flowers can make classy, beautiful and easy decorations.

Measure the staircase, and decide on your design. How deep do you want the tulle to drop? Are you going to decorate only one railing, or both? Are you going to decorate the wall as well? Are you going to use only one colour of tulle, or place several different colours or lengths of tulle in your design? Take these factors into account and calculate the length of tulle you must buy.

Once you've decided on your design and measurements, buy the tulle. This fabric as available through local fabric shops and websites. Buy several bolts of each colour you want. Even if this exceeds your measured needs, it's better to have too much than too little. Buy decorations as well -- ribbons and bows in complementary colours, your favourite silk flowers, candles, wreaths or whatever will enhance the wedding theme. If decorations aren't available at the fabric shop, try craft shops.

Lay the tulle along the length of the staircase. Walk upward along the tulle, pulling it up to the banister and tying it at intervals. Use thin twisty ties (like those you find at the supermarket) to attach the tulle to the staircase -- thread the tie through the porous tulle, and wrap it around the banister. Allow it to to loop and drop as desired, spreading the loops for decorative effect.

Decorate the banister where the tulle is tied with flowers and ribbons for added artistry. Use the ties to secure bouquets of silk flowers, and attach these to the banister at the tulle's tie. Then wrap ribbons around the entire banister, and tie securely. Decorations can also be added anywhere else along the banister.

Repeat for the second banister or wall behind the stairs.


Tulle decorations are easy and inexpensive enough to use at any occasion. They take less than an hour to construct and break down. Other materials to use with a staircase design are netting, organza, chiffon and sinamay mesh.


Tulle snags easily, so handle it with care.

Things You'll Need

  • Tulle
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons
  • Ties
  • Decorations (silk flowers, wreaths, candles, etc.)
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