How to Decorate a Windowless Bedroom

Updated February 21, 2017

Windowless rooms, whether the result of a basement makeover or interior remodel, can be a challenge to decorate. The proper paint and accessories can make a success of a space without windows. Playing with light and fooling the eye are the primary tricks to making a windowless bedroom a pleasant retreat.

Paint the walls a light and bright colour. Blues and greens are suggestive of sky and water or grass and plants. A dark colour would make the room appear smaller.

Hang a large mirror or several small mirrors on one wall. Try to place the mirror so it reflects a doorway or opening to another room that may have windows or better light.

Add artificial light. Table and floor lamps are functional and decorative. Shades that bounce light against the ceiling help prevent a cave-like feeling in the room.

Bring in greenery. Potted plants bring the outside in and add life to a space. If you don't have a green fingers, try silk ones.

Hang or paint a large-scale piece of art on the wall where a window might be. Bright artwork adds colour and gives the eye something to settle on. A landscape painting can substitute for the lack of a real view.

Build a fake window. You can hang window treatments around closet doors or back a salvaged window frame with a mirror. You could paint or wallpaper a mural, or screw shutters onto the wall.


Air flow can also be a concern in a windowless room. Consider a ceiling fan if the room does not already have one.


In the U.S., it is typically illegal to have a bedroom without a window unless there is another method of egress in addition to the door in case of fire. Check your area's building codes to see if you need to add safety features to your space.

Things You'll Need

  • Paint
  • Painting supplies
  • Mirror
  • Lamps
  • Potted plants
  • Artwork
  • Shutters (optional)
  • Window frame (optional)
  • Drapes (optional)
  • Wallpaper (optional)
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