How to get paid to blog!

Blogging involves writing short articles, usually ranging from 300 to 500 words, and posting them on a type of website called a blog. Blogs cover nearly any topic imaginable, including celebrity news, small business, pet care, golf and world events. Although some bloggers write simply as a creative outlet, it is possible to earn money from your blogging efforts -- most bloggers earn a few hundred pounds a month, but some experienced niche bloggers earn £6,000 or more per month. Several simple strategies can help you earn money blogging.

Contact companies in your area to offer your blogging services. Small businesses and corporations use blogs to gain Internet visibility and build consumer awareness of their products and services. Most corporate and small business bloggers work on a part-time freelance basis, and companies typically pay on a weekly or monthly basis.

Look for blogging projects on freelance job sites. These sites enable entrepreneurs and business owners to post opportunities and allow freelancers to bid on these opportunities. Business owners and entrepreneurs who post blogging opportunities on freelance sites typically pay on a project basis; however, if you create solid content, the project may turn into a long-term blogging gig.

Start your own blog. Choose a niche topic that interests you, and search for phrases related to the topic on several search engines. If search results reveal other blogs on similar topics, your blog may gain enough traffic to become profitable.

Find and apply for affiliate programs for services or products related to your blog's topic. For example, if you start a blog about golf, conduct a search engine query for "golf affiliate programs." Post the affiliate banner and text ads on your blog -- when a visitor buys products or services through your banners or links, you earn a portion of the sale.

Sell ad space on your blog by providing a page explaining how advertisers can purchase advertising banners and links. Companies typically purchase ad space on a weekly or monthly basis, and pay a fee for advertising on your blog. The more visitors your blog attracts each day, the higher the fees you can charge.

Create a "premium content" course and sell it through your blog. A premium content course provides information related to your niche that is not publicly available. For example, if you create a golf-related blog, you could sell a video course titled, "How to Fix Your Golf Slice in One Hour."

Collect visitor e-mail addresses through an e-mail marketing service. Write and send periodic newsletters offering valuable information related to your blog topic and mention an affiliate product or your premium content course in the body of the e-mails. Include links to the premium content or affiliate product so recipients can make purchases easily.


Add posts to your blog every day if possible. Building content helps increase search engine visibility, which attract more visitors. Although traffic is not the only factor in the financial success of a blog, high traffic volume increases your chance of making money. Exercise patience when building a blog to make money. It can take six months or more to build enough traffic and credibility to start earning significant income.

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