How to write a letter of interest

Updated July 20, 2017

Writing a letter of interest is an essential task when applying for a job. When done correctly, a good letter of interest can impress your potential employer.

Place the header at the top with the date and contact information of the company.

Address the letter.

Write in the first paragraph why you are applying. Tell them why you want to be a part of the organisation.

Highlight what you bring to the company in the next couple of paragraphs. List your education and strengths to match the position in which you are applying.

End the body of the letter with the desire to speak to someone for an interview or to answer any questions. Follow through by mentioning when you will contact them regarding your application.

Close your letter of interest with a proper closing. Sign your name above your typed name.


Call the company to see to whom you may address the letter. Learn about the company so you can match your strengths to its needs.


Never write more than one page.

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