How to add a signature to your lotus notes email

Written by rebecca johnson | 13/05/2017
How to add a signature to your lotus notes email
Let Lotus Notes append a personalised sig to your outgoing messages. (Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images)

Lotus Notes is an e-mail system created by IBM. Many users want to add an automatic signature on every e-mail sent. Signatures can be plain text, an image or an HTML file. Signatures should provide your recipients with pertinent information, including your name, title and phone number. Lotus Notes also has the ability to send digital signatures, which adds security to your e-mail and assures the recipient that the message is truly from you.

Select “More” directly above the Message List and select “Preferences.” Select the “Signature” tab.

Select “Automatically Send a Signature to the Bottom of My Outgoing Mail Messages.”

To enter text, click “Use Text” and type your signature in the “Text” field.

To load an image file or an HTML file, select “Use an HTML or Image File.” Click “Browse” and browse to the location of the file. Click the “Open” button.

Click “OK” to complete the email signature.

Click “File” and then “Preferences.” Expand the “Mail” menu by clicking the “+” and select “Sending and Receiving.”

Click “Sign Messages That I Send.”

Click “OK.” A digital signature that verifies your identity to the recipients will be added to every e-mail you send.

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