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How to View a Deleted Google Search History

Updated June 26, 2018

Recovering deleted Internet search files often is as easy as restoring them from the desktop recycle bin. Retrieving deleted Google search history can be more difficult but is possible using the Wndows System Restore function.

Reboot your computer by going to "Start > Shutdown > Restart".

Boot your computer in Safe Mode by pressing the "F8" key repeatedly at the first screen. Select "Safe Mode" from the "Boot Options" menu.

Log in as yourself. Logging in as another user will not enable you to recover your history.

Click "Start." Navigate to "Programs > Accessories > System Tools" and click "System Restore."

Click the "Next" button to search for restore points. A calendar will appear with dates and times that exist for System Restore points.

Select a date and time prior to when the history you want to restore was deleted.

Click "Next" to begin the System Restore process. This may take several minutes. The computer will restart.

Click "Finish" when prompted. Double-click "Internet Explorer" and your Google search history will be restored.


Do not reboot during the System Restore process. This could corrupt files and prevent you from retrieving the deleted history.

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