How to Convert a Garage Into a Theatre Room

Updated July 20, 2017

Turning your garage into a theatre room can be a project that produces rewarding results. Nothing beats enjoying films with family and friends on a wide screen in the comfort of your pyjamas and lounge chairs of choice. It beats having to zone out from those noisy movie theatre attendees, smelly mouldy theatres and gum on your shoe. These simple steps will help make your dream a reality.

Before building your ideal home theatre, you'll need to remove all items from the garage first. If your garage is like most people's, a yard sale may be in order. Remove storage space and clear anything else that may be on the walls, leaving them bare.

Make sure to vacuum and remove all dust, stains, and grime from the space before building over it. Also, attempt removing strong odours from pets or lack of air ventilation by using an ozone generator, which neutralises all smells.

You may want to put plywood boards up to hide ugly or thin garage walls, as well as preparing for surround sound if desired. Painting the wood a dark black or blue will give authenticity to your cinema, but any colour will do. It depends on how traditional you'd like the design to be.

Creating different floor levels with wooden boards will provide you with taller and shorter levels to build your seats on, if desired.

Purchase and hang a large LCD screen or projection screen of your size and model choice, and place it in the centre of the front wall to allow better viewing access.

Purchase matching lounge chairs (dark red is a popular choice if you're going the traditional route) and screw them into the different levelled wooden boards if you've installed them. Many websites and design factories make chairs just for home cinemas, such as, who offer matching reclining chairs in various colours.


Adding silencers to the side walls can help block noise coming from within the house or outside, as well as preventing the rest of the neighbourhood from hearing those car screeches from the latest action movie viewing. Also, inserting beaded lighting on the ceiling or sides can give a more intimate theatre feel. Also, check out for unique cinema seating plan layouts.


If you are unable to complete tasks that involve building and construction, there are plenty of professionals willing to contract the basics of such a project.

Things You'll Need

  • LCD screen
  • Lounge chairs
  • Basic cleaning tools
  • Ozone generator
  • Plywood
  • Speakers
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Wooden boards
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Wall silencers
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