How to Become a Moderator of a Teen Chat Site

Updated July 20, 2017

For those who like to participate in online communities and conversations, becoming a chat room moderator can be a great way to become more involved or even to generate some extra cash. Some chat room moderator positions are paid, but most are volunteer positions. The moderator's responsibilities typically include answering questions or making sure no one uses inappropriate or vulgar language within the chat. This responsibility can be especially important in teen-based chat rooms since most members are not adults.

Search for job openings for teenage chat rooms. Look for moderator positions listed online.

Involve yourself in the teen chat rooms that interest you. Become a regular contributor and make your presence and personality in the chat room known.

Use proper spelling and grammar in every chat.

Familiarise yourself with the rules of the chat rooms for which you are interested in becoming a moderator. Do research carefully because each chat room can have different rules.

Report inappropriate or vulgar posts to the current moderator to exhibit your attention to detail and grasp of the moderator's responsibilities.


Familiarise yourself with teenage culture including slang, trends and pop culture. Stay current to monitor teen discussions.

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