Things to Make From Recycled Beer Bottles

Written by daniel westlake | 13/05/2017
Things to Make From Recycled Beer Bottles
Numerous inventive things can be made out of recycled beer bottles (Nine empty isolated beer bottles. image by Saskia Massink from

Recycling beer bottles is a good environmental practice, recycling beer bottles into inventive craft projects is an even better one. There are a number of creative and practical items which can be made from recycled beer bottles.

Beer Bottle Christmas Tree

With green beer bottles, preferably, a modern, quirky Christmas tree can be easily constructed which will be a centrepiece for certain tables or something to fill out the corner of a room. By making a circle out of beer bottles, other empty bottles can be turned over and put into the spaces between the beer bottles in the circle, creating a circular, almost flat surface. These bottles can be glued together so that they have some stability. Other bottles can then be stacked on top of them until there is only room for one bottle on the top point. Christmas lights can then be strung around or within this beer bottle tree, to give it a festive glow.

Light Fixtures

By carefully cutting the bottoms off of beer bottles, unique light fixtures can be made. Take electrical cord and run it inside the end of the beer bottle, connecting it to a fixture inside the bottle itself. You can use different colours of bottles and different types of bulbs which will create different intensities of light wherever you hang them. You can hang many of these bottles in one room, creating a surreal lighting scheme. Make sure the edges of the bottles are not sharp so no one cuts themselves on the bottom of the bottle fixtures.

Drinking Glasses

By cutting the tops off old recycled beer bottles, drinking glasses can be made out of them. Cut the beer bottle's top off right as the neck begins and sand down the glass edge as smoothly as possible, so there is not chance of anyone cutting themselves while drinking. The thicker the beer bottle glass you can find to make these glasses from the better, as most standard beer bottle glass will break down over time or will lose strength from not having a neck.

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