Birthday Cake Ideas in the Shape of a Dog

Birthday cakes are often reflective of the recipient or the baker. For dog lovers or children having a dog theme birthday party, a dog-shaped birthday cake can add to the fun and theme. Moulded cake pans are available but bakers can get the dog shape with a little cutting and repositioning or by using cupcakes.

Reshaping a Cake

Bake three round cakes and allow them to cool completely. Place two cakes on a foil- or parchment-lined sheet, side by side, forming the head and body. From the third round cake cut two ear shapes by slicing marquis shapes from the circle. From the remaining scraps of cake cut a curved tail. Place the ears next to the head and the tail near the back of the body to one side. Allow the edges to dry for several hours or overnight before frosting and decorating.

Draw a Dog

Bake a large sheet cake using a 13- by 9-inch baking pan. Allow to cool completely, then frost. Using decorator tips and a pastry bag, draw a dog design with icing that contrasts with the main icing. Fill in with dots made with a star tip to add a textured "fur" and decorate the eyes and other features with candies or icing.


Frost cupcakes with white icing and use chocolate to make Dalmatian spots. Cut sandwich cookies in half and use for ears. Create the eyes, nose and mouth with candies or icing.

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