How to Make a Toga Fast and Easy

Updated March 23, 2017

In ancient Rome, togas were a sign of respectability for men. The men of the time considered it improper for women to wear togas, and it became a form of punishment to make a woman wear one as a symbol that she was not virtuous. Typically, Roman women wore enclosed tunic-style garments. Married women wore a specific version called a stola. Today, togas are a staple of college life, commonly worn at Halloween and toga parties. You can buy a toga at a costume store but it's easy and affordable to make one yourself.

Wear shorts under your toga so that you can pin the costume to them.

Wrap the fabric around your waist once or twice until it fits properly. Safety pin the fabric that's gathered at the side of your waist. Pin that same section of fabric to your shorts. There will be extra fabric hanging down in front of you.

Toss the extra fabric across your body diagonally so that it hangs over the opposite shoulder from the side where the material is pinned. Pin the fabric where it meets the waist in the back, so that crosses your back diagonally.

Throw any remaining fabric back that's hanging down back over the same shoulder that you already have fabric draped over. Pin the fabric to the previous fabric section so that it stays in place.

Wear shorts or a skirt and a top under your toga so that you can pin the costume to them.

Hold the sheet of fabric horizontally. Pin the top corners together and the bottom corners together. Pin the fabric in two places at the top centre, leaving room for your head to fit through the hole that you have created.

Place the toga on, slipping your head and arms through the holes at the top of the fabric. Pin any gaps in the fabric. Pin the fabric to your top and shorts to keep the toga in place.

Cut a piece of rope that's big enough to fit around your waist. Tie the rope in the front to make a belt. Knot it once to make it secure, although not overly tight.


Extra fabric draped over the body and arms makes a nice cloak that will complement your toga.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat bed sheet or 2 to 3 yards of Muslin or other light fabric
  • Safety pins
  • Rope
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