How to find an inmate's release date

Written by faizah imani | 13/05/2017

Whenever an inmate is confined, information regarding her confinement is public information. If you have the inmate's name and know the city and state she is incarcerated in, you can locate her with ease. If the inmate is confined in a federal prison, the United States Justice Department makes your search even easier.

Determine what city and state the inmate is incarcerated in.

Visit a website that will allow you to perform a search for inmates. Some of the websites that will allow you to do this is TheInmateLocator.Com, Inmate.Com, and BOP.Gov. The BOP.Gov website is the official website for the United States Justice Department. If the inmate is in a federal prison, he can easily be found through this site.

Enter the inmate's first and last name. You can also enter the inmate's race, gender and age to narrow your search results.

Review the search results to locate the inmate's tentative release date. The search results will include the inmate's register number that identifies her. It will also state the name of the prison in which the inmate is being confined.

Check the inmate's release date again approximately 30 days before the tentative release date. The extra check should be made because the inmate's release date can be changed by court orders or other factors.

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